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The World's best hand held cable insulation stripper

Increase your scrap value by up to


Removing the insulation from copper cable increases its scrap reclamation value by up to 350%. Some people burn the insulation off, this is illegal in most areas as it releases dangerous toxins into the environment and most scrap yards either don't accept it or offer a greatly reduced price for burned copper.

Some people have large expensive stripping machines but these don't fit into a tool box very well! For everybody else there is CableKnife.

Handheld Cable Stripper

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make money

Industrial cable strippers are not portable and require lengthy set up each time you need to strip cable. CableKnife is perfect to fit in your tool box so that you can strip cable as it comes. Spend a couple of minutes at the end of a productive day to strip your spare cable.  The valuable copper wire soon builds up. Cash this in at your local recycling centre and you will be amazed just how much money you are making stripping your scrap cable!

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