CableKnife is so simple to use. It takes very little practice to be able to strip cable quickly and effortlessly!

Place the cable in the rear of the tool, it is important to make sure the cable is located in the centre of the cutting chamber.

The cable needs to protrude out the front of CableKnife, this is so that your free hand has enough cable to securely hold as you pull it through the tool.

Once you are happy that the cable is central in the cutting chamber gently squeeze the cutting chamber shut with your fingers.

Your thumb presses the knife blade into the cable. Do not press too hard, you are only trying to cut the plastic insulation and not the copper cable. It will soon become quite easy to gauge how hard to press down.

With your free hand pull the cable through CableKnife. As you pull the cable you need to make sure that you are pulling slightly in an upwards direction. This is so that you are not trying to open the cutting chamber.

Pull the cable through smoothly and CableKnife will make a perfect cut.

Once the cable has been pulled through, it is possible to repeat the operation for the portion of cable that was used as a handle. This is not always necessary as the copper cable will normally split a short section of insulation without issue.

The insulation can then be peeled off the cable without issue!

If you have any questions regarding how to use Cableknife please contact us and we would love to help you!